The Forecast is …

Bleakness…  desolation …  plastic forks”

                                             –   Zippy  the Pinhead

Albert Einstein, considered by many to be the most intelligent man to ever live, once said this:  “The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking… the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.”

Some genius.  Einstein figured out how to split the atom, then seemed surprised when that knowledge was used to create nuclear weapons. Even a moron should know that the “heart of mankind” is inherently evil and corrupt.

We’ve been the dominant species on the planet for what seems like a long time, but compared to the reign of the dinosaurs, it’s only been the blink of an eye.  Unlike the dinosaurs, we seem hell bent on destroying life, or at least wiping out our own species, as quickly as possible.  If it it’s not war or famine or pestilence, it’ll be nuclear annihilation or environmental catastrophe.

The big “intellectual” split these days is between science and religion, the two things that supposedly make us superior to the other species on the planet.  In truth, they are in fact the very things most likely to destroy us.  Science is killing us because technology advances so much more rapidly than our ability to manage it. Our capacity for grasping the mechanics of how the universe operates is exceeded only by our capacity for greed and our acceptance of corruption.

And don’t get me started on religion.  God was created by man, not the other way around, as a way for us to justify our destruction of the world and rationalize our complete incompetence in, as the dominant species, managing and maintaining some semblance of balance.  It is such a backward notion that it’s hard to believe that here, well into the 21st century, people still run around believing that some bearded guy sitting on a cloud determines their fate.  The oxymoron implicit in this backward and primitive institution is that religion, or religious differences, is the most likely reason that science, in the form of nuclear weaponry, will eventually be unleashed to annihilate us all.

“But we’re the only species that’s aware of our own mortality,” scientists and priests are both quick to argue.  Nonsense.  Every animal is born with a survival instinct – what is that instinct if not the knowledge that there are things that can kill you?   Animals see death every day, and I’d argue they understand it better than humans do.  They understand the role it plays in sustaining life and maintaining balance, and they do this without the help of Gods or holy books.  More importantly, they understand this with no need or grasp of economics or greed – they take what they need and move on.

I pity the human race.  We’re far too stupid to be shouldered with the responsibility we’ve been given.  The best thing for all parties would be for us to hurry up and get it over with, exterminate our sorry asses and let the rest of the planet get on without us.

It’s been said that after us cockroaches may take over – if so, then bring on the bugs.  Heaven knows they can’t do any worse than we did.

One thought on “The Forecast is …

  1. Only a human being can take such a hopeless look at existence. Hopelessness is in the eye of the beholder. Does it mean anything that human beings live longer? Isn’t it possible the whole universe is hurtling toward a final ending that no race can deter? What about people caring for each other and claiming religion is on their side?

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