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My experiments with (mostly) short fiction

Mechanical World

One of the coolest attractions in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco is the Musee Mecanique.  It doubles as a museum of coin operated games and as a fully functional arcade, as each of the games have been restored to their … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold

(A still rough piece of short fiction that came to me yesterday.  The setting and the time are the same as the novel I’ve been working on, but the characters are new.) It stormed the night before, thunder claps and … Continue reading

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Winter Camping

(A short fiction I’ve been noodling around with) I woke up in the dark coughing, my eyes and throat burning, the blue tarp I’d fallen asleep under having caved in over the bottom half of my sleeping bag. It felt … Continue reading

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God’s Bent Index FInger

(This is something I just started noodling with – I have a few stories about these characters milling about in my head – so this might be the beginning  of a novel or a collection of related short stories – … Continue reading

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Ben Williams found himself in the chilly darkness of an unfamiliar city, off of the main drag, the street dimly lit and the buildings mostly darkened warehouses with empty loading docks dotted with fresh puddles. The night air was heavy. … Continue reading

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Panther Sighting

(A short draft of fiction inspired by 1) the true story of a cougar that had wandered all the way from South Dakota through Wisconsin only to be shot by police in Chicago and 2) the song “Panther in Michigan” … Continue reading

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Main Street

(a very rough draft of a short piece of fiction – needs a lot of work) I’d see him from time to time, his black hair thick and matted, his beard a gnarled hornet’s nest. He looked to be in … Continue reading

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