I’m empty.
Empty headed with
empty pockets
in an empty house.
I am filled with emptiness,
secreting and overflowing and
oozing from my pores.
I exhale emptiness with every breath,
filling the air and              
spreading the emptiness
through the streets,
through the trees,
like a hot and empty fire.
I am the arsonist
fueling the empty inferno
with my endless emptiness.
Empty seas
under empty skies.
Empty people
with dull and empty eyes.
Empty conversation
Empty gestures
Empty landscape
Empty sunset
Empty night
Empty dreams of emptiness
under empty stars in an empty void
until the empty sun rises
on another empty day
in another empty month
in another empty year
in an empty eternity.

About djgourdoux

Dave Gourdoux is the author of the novel "Ojibway Valley" and a lifelong resident of the state of Wisconsin. His work has appeared in The Midwest Prairie Review and Gerat Lakes Review and Left of the Lake magazine. He is a featured contributor to the arts oriented website www.2ndFirstLook.com and maintains his own web site, “Drivel by Dave,” www.djgourdoux.com. He is a member of the board of directors of the Kenosha Writers Guild.
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2 Responses to Empty

  1. monkheart says:

    So sorry, Dave. Just saw this on a day I feel much the same. Hope the veil has lifted some.

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