Thirty Two and Counting

(This Thursday will mark my 32nd wedding anniversary)

You are everything to me, the sunshine that lights my days and the lighthouse light that guides me through the windswept seas and rocky shorelines of night.   You are strong as a rock and frail as a leaf.  You are heart and you are soul, you are passion and comfort.  You are astonishingly beautiful.  Your eyes, lit by the incandescent flame of your glowing soul, see and understand everything, everything that matters.    You are the love of my life; you know all of my secrets, my triumphs and failures.  You’ve inspired me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of.  You’ve stood by me when I’ve come up short.  You’ve given me reasons when all reason seemed lost.

I find myself lost in the dark, adrift in the unending night, and I reach out to you, and you’re there, warm and still, and even now, after all this time, after fate and circumstance and disease, our breaths rise and fall in time together, the rhythm to dreams that still come to me, dreams that are dreamt within the dream we’ve been living for thirty two years now.

One thought on “Thirty Two and Counting

  1. This one is so beautifully expressed that it brings Shakespeare’s writing ability into mind as expressed in his Romeo and Juliette lines. Happy anniversary! Phyllis

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