One Small Step

The latest sign that I might be growing up a little bit: today, the second issue of the local magazine, “Left of the Lake,” came out, featuring an article I wrote about Rebecca Venn, a gifted artist from Kenosha who specializes in water colors.

The magazine looks great, and I was pleased to see my name and my words in print. I read the article, and it’s okay, but something seemed different about it. I went back to the original article I submitted, and I noticed an entire paragraph I submitted was omitted from the published text.

Here’s where it turns out there might be hope for me after all: I instantly realized that the article was better without the missing paragraph. While I should have seen that when self-editing, I’m pleased that the editors of the magazine saw it and removed the paragraph.

I’m even more pleased with my reaction. It means I’m developing some level of objectivity to my work. The removed paragraph was clumsy and out of place, and diverted attention away from the subject. The editors did their job, and I am grateful.

Ms. Venn has enormous talent and does beautiful work. I’m still not convinced that my little article does her justice. But there is evidence that I’m learning a thing or two, and that’s about all I can ask for.