Amidst all of the childish name calling and foot stomping that passed for the Republican debate on Saturday night, there were two revelatory moments, both courtesy of the front runner, the one and only “the Donald,” Donald Trump.

The first came in a confrontation with Jeb Bush, for whom Trump appears to have an almost pathological hatred. In the middle of the by now familiar “he’s so weak,” “he’s a loser” rants we’ve all come to know and love, something startlingly coherent came out of Trump’s mouth:  the fact that 9/11 occurred on George W. Bush’s watch, despite the fact that he’d been warned several times by intelligence reports that a strike from Al Qaida was imminent.

Now, outside of the Republican universe, none of this is news.  Everybody knows that, just like everybody knows that 15 minutes could save 15% on your car insurance.  But inside that fantasy world, where prosperity trickles down from the wealthy to the poor, where climate change is just a concoction of corrupt scientists, hearing these facts from the Republican front-runner was outrageous blasphemy.  “But George W. kept us safe,” has been the party line, somehow denying the undeniable fact that dubya was President in 2001.

The audience booed and hissed, and the candidates stumbled over themselves in response. Marco Rubio, perhaps the most deluded of the bunch, said in response that it was all Bill Clinton’s fault for not killing Osama Bin Laden when he had the chance, forgetting that in his eight years in office, Dubya didn’t kill Bin Laden, either, leaving that mission to Barack Obama, who finished it in two years or so.

The second moment came when Trump raised the issue of Sperry closing its manufacturing plant in Indianapolis and moving its operations to Mexico. Plant closings and their subsequent job losses are never discussed in Republican debates.  To do so would be to challenge the validity of the trickle-down anti-labor economics that remain the heart and soul of their free market faith, despite thirty years now of contrary evidence of the falseness of these theories.

Make no mistake about it – I think Donald Trump is a monster and a fascist, a megalomaniac who cannot be trusted with any power, let alone the presidency of the United States.  But even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then, and it’s inevitable that a blabber mouth like Trump will eventually stumble upon and utter some truth. The question is will his legion of brain dead followers wake up in time to question these and other tenets of their blind right wing faith.

Like the one where everything is Barack Obama’s fault.  How dare he sign those executive orders! That’s no way to govern!  When, in fact, it is the only way to govern, when the radical extreme right that is the Republican controlled senate refuses to do something – anything – to fulfill their constitutional obligation.  For example, in the past couple of weeks. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told Obama to not even bother submitting a budget, because his party will not even read it yet alone vote on it.  In the debates you hear Ted Cruz lamenting the shrinkage of the military, when it‘s actually the sequesters he engineered as a part of the government shutdowns he proposed that have cut military funding.

Now it’s the Supreme Court vacancy left open by Justice Scalia’s passing.  Senate leader Mitch McConnell, who in the past has said his top priority was not to govern or serve his country, but to make sure that Obama was only a one term president, has already said that Obama shouldn’t even bother nominating a replacement for Scalia (per his constitutional duty) because the Republicans will shirk their constitutional duty and not even allow a vote to confirm or deny.  Cruz, McConnell and others have said Obama should pass on nominating until after the election, so the American people can have their say.  But they already did have their say, in 2012, when they elected Obama president.  The constitution is very clear on the responsibilities of both the executive and legislative branches in the process, and when he nominates a candidate, it won’t be Obama who is guilty of not faithfully executing his sworn duty.

It’s high time we recognize the damage that the Republican controlled senate has and continues to enact on our country. Like the spoiled children they are, they continue to throw their political tantrum over Barack Obama being elected president.  It’s been going on for almost eight years now, and the only way to shut them up will be to vote them out of office this November.

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