When I die, take my body to the river and drop me in. There is no death in the river, the river just goes on, and in its shallow depths I will go on, too, in the cold and dark water, the current moving, steady and swift, and it will lift my lifeless body and restart my silent and still heart and there on the river bottom amidst the rocks and weeds I will be reanimated, reborn, and I will live under the surface, undetected and unknown by the life on the banks, carried on the current with the rest of the random debris that has been  gathered up by her on her silent journey, until we, myself and the other dead debris, reach the ocean, the place where even the greatest rivers end up and end at, each of their heartbeats cast into the endless dark depths until they, the currents, the heartbeats, of all the rivers in the world join together into the great giant heartbeat of the ocean, and I like all of the other debris brought to life by the river will also be absorbed, small and insignificant against the immense and  unknown wilderness of the great sea, and then I will be no more, my destination reached,  my purpose, to become the tiniest fragment of the enormous and unending pulsating muscle that gives life to the vast and deep waters, to be a drop of water in the random tides turned by the pale white moon, finally fulfilled.

2 thoughts on “Destination

  1. Dear nephew of mine…Your writing stirred my heart. Your life will not have been wasted because you have taught us the meaning of courage. For me, I choose placing my ashes on the soil of this place I so dearly love and I am content. I look forward to seeing you soon again. Love, Phyllis

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