Outside Looking In

Somewhere the night grew colder
and called you by name, again and again.
It reached round your shoulders
and locked you within.
Lost in its shadows, trapped in the rain,
alone in its darkness, wrapped in your pain,
it left you out there, cold and hidden,
on the outside, looking in.

But in that same cold tonight,
in the sorrowful dark,
shines the eternal light
of your glowing heart,
because you’ve been released.
You’re free now, you’re at peace,
in that place where you’ve always been,
on the outside, looking in.

2 thoughts on “Outside Looking In

  1. It is so true, so very very sad and…guess what favorite nephew of mine, also true for all us mortal beings. yearning for we know not what! Phyllis

    Also, you are deeply cherished by your old aunt.

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