It’s Snowing in Twinkle Town

(I thought I’d try writing a children’s story – my kids are grown and it’s been a while since I’ve been around small kids, but I was surprised at how quickly I was able to shift back into their innocence and optimistic outlook.  I imagine this could be quite good with the right illustrator) 

It’s snowing in Twinkle Town!  Look, in the village square!   It’s Mayor McBride!   He’s coming out of Miss Amanda’s House of Hospitality again.  He sure does spend a lot of time at Miss Amanda’s.  Oh, no!  He’s fallen on the sidewalk.  My, my, but it doesn’t look slippery!   Oh, well, it looks like he’s going to take a nap there, in the gutter of the village square.  He sure must be tired!  Look at the snow fall on him.  He should be wearing more than just his underwear in this weather.

Let’s go over to Baker Street and see what wonderful treats Mr. Snodgrass has in his bakery today!   Who’s that man at the counter in the blue uniform talking to Mr. Snodgrass?  Why, of course, it’s Officer McSleaze!   Officer McSleaze sure likes Mr. Snodgrass’s donuts!  But why is Mr. Snodgrass giving Officer McSleaze money?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  And why is Mr. Davis from the health department standing outside in the cold?  What could he be waiting for?  Oh my, they sure are a silly mixed up bunch of people!

Out on the edge of town, in his trailer house, Eddie is hard at work.  He is cooking something, and it sure looks good!  Whatever it is, it’s nice and shiny!   Look at the funny suit he is wearing while he cooks.  He’s even wearing a mask!  But Eddie, it’s not Halloween! Meanwhile, Hank is sitting outside.  What’s that in his arms?  A rifle?  But hunting season is over!   Someone has to tell him, because he keeps watching the road.  Maybe he is waiting for a badger.

Now a car comes down the road.   Wait a minute, Hank, that’s not a badger!  Hank shouldn’t be shooting at the car.  That car looks like Mr. Green’s car.  Is that Mr. Green driving?  See the car crash into the telephone pole. See the car catch fire.  Wow, those sure are bright red and yellow flames!  I guess we’ll have to wait for Mr. Molar, the town dentist, to tell us if that was Mr. Green driving the car or not.

Someone should tell Miss Amanda about Mr. Green.   Mr. Green used to have fun playing dress up on Saturday nights at Miss Amanda’s House of Hospitality.  His favorite thing was to dress up and pretend he was Miss Sprinkles!   Golly, that was fun!  Mayor McBride had fun when Mr. Green played dress up, too.  He just loved to play with Miss Sprinkles!

Who will get to be Miss Sprinkles for Mayor McBride now?  I’m sure that the Mayor and Sheriff McSleaze will find someone in Twinkle Town to take Mr. Green’s place.

It’s snowing in Twinkle Town!  Isn’t it pretty?

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