Dream Sequence

We were born to dream, with galaxies in our eyes, the broad and endless universe confined within.

Long before we met, we were in love, and we dreamed we’d find each other.  That was the first dream to come true.

Then we tied our hearts and souls together until they became so intertwined and tangled up that the beginning of one was indistinguishable from the end of the other.   Stronger than two ever were, we dreamed as one, dreams fueled by our love.

We were married, young and broke, the times hard and bleak.  We dreamed that I’d finish my classes and get a good job.  

We dreamed we’d buy a house with a couple of acres in the country.

We dreamed of having children.

We dreamed of our children growing up happy and healthy.      

We dreamed of growing old together.

As each dream was realized, the knots we’d tied ourselves into have strengthened and our love has deepened.    We’re not kids anymore, and we’ve been around the block.  We know how to dream.  We know that we have plenty of dreams left.  And we know how to make them come true.  Long after our time here is done, we’ll still be together, still dreaming. 

No matter how unlikely the odds have been, and no matter how many of our dreams come true, one thing remains  – you’ve been the dream that all the other dreams have been based upon.  You’ll always be my dream, and even though you came true years ago, I still dream of you, and every morning when I wake up next to you, my deepest and most profound dream has been realized.

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