Great Moments in Culinary History

Brought to you by the Dinnertime Dramatists

 Episode 37 – “Patriotic Pasta”

(The scene:  1776, a colonial tavern.  Sam Adams and Benedict Arnold are dining together)

BENEDICT ARNOLD:  (to the waitress) I’ll have a plate of spaghetti, with a broiled chicken breast on top.  (The waitress takes the order and leaves.)

SAM ADAMS:  As I was saying, we must round up those who are still loyal to the British throne.

ARNOLD.:   But those ruffians!   They are so crude – I might get hurt.

ADAMS:  Ben, don’t be a coward! Help us capture the opposition! 

ARNOLD.:  But such unpleasantness!  Why don’t you get Nathan Hale instead.  I hear that he has like seven lives to give to his country!   (The waitress arrives with Arnold’s order, placing the dish on the table in front of him)

ADAMS:   (disgusted) You chicken!  Catch a Tory!

ARNOLD:    Hey!  That’s a great name for this dish!   Chicken Catch-a-Tory!

(Tune in next week for episode 38, where the Dinnertime Dramatists present part one of “The Egg Salad Story”)

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