Valentine Dream

I am lost and alone in the grey dark, the wind blowing cold and hard.  The woods are deep and endless and unrecognizable.  Naked trees twist and turn.   Dead leaves cover the worn path.    The whole world is icy and frozen, and I can’t find my way home.

My doubts and fears walk beside me.  I can hear their voices.  I am weak, they say, I am a weak and pathetic fake.  I am not who I say I am.  I am a failure and a fraud.

But then in the impenetrable blackness I feel you against me, breathing in my arms.  I cannot see you, it is too dark, but my arms remember, they remember the soft smooth warmth of your skin, my fingers remember tracing your lips, my chest remembers the way your back fits against it like interlocking pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that rise and fall together to the rhythm of your sleeping breaths.  And the icy dream world dissolves and the voices go silent, because they know, whatever else I might or might not be, I am yours, and nothing else makes any sense or matters.

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